The Lice-o-Lator simply works by the specially selected blue light giving the highest prospensity for attracting juvenile sea lice, algae and plankton. The system works by the compressed air flow which attracts the juveniles flowing into the filters where they are captured.  The device uses services already on site - electricity and compressed air. 

The specially formulated device floats on the surface of the pen and recirculates the water on the top

1/3rd of the cage every 24 hours. 

Kerr Mac Aquaculture Solutions have an international patent in place for the design and build of the device.

Once the filter is due for removal,  the dirty filter is uplifted into a tub and simply replaced. 

Once on land the the filter will be washed and capture destroyed. 

During our initial trial, findings have shown that Sea Louse are one of many captures on the filter; others include micro algae, unicellular algaes, algae and various planktons. 

L. Salmonia has a direct life cyle, it is a single host with 8 life stages (Hamre et al. 2013).

The adult female sea louse extrudes a pair of egg-strings and the planktonic nauplii stage hatch directly into the water column.

It is well publicised the threat sea lice have on the aquaculture industry.

The Lice -o-Lator can not only protect the animals from sea lice, we have proven that the Lice-o-Lator can break the cycle.

 In August 2018 our first protoype was deployed on a local farming site. The prototype was installed in cage 3 of 12 - with the trial running between week 31 and 41 of 2018. 

From this we prove the device to be robust, withholding the enviromental conditions well aswell as a key factor being how easily the device worked. 

Headline results from the farms weekly count data;

  • +40% improvement seen on reduction in sea lice juveniles found in cage 3 versus site average during the trial
  • +70% improvement seen on reduction in sea lice juveniles found in cage 3 versus site average post the trial – cycle broken
  • 28% improvement seen on reduction in calignous found in cage 3 versus site average during the trial.

Sea Lice in recent years have been evolving to become increasingly resistant to traditional chemical treatments. 

The Lice-o-Lator provides a solution that is non intrusive to the fish and enviromentally sustainable.


Lice-o-lator can offer the industry an alternative solution to tackling the challenge of sea lice without physical intervention and handling of the fish. 

The device has the ability to reduce loss of growth, potential mortalities of salmon and cleaner fish as well as reducing the operational costs of treatment. 

This will mean ultimately breaking the sea lice cycle.

The device provides a non-intrusive treatment to combat the issue of sea life without the use of invasive chemical treatments.

Kerr Mac Aquaculture Solutions Ltd, Drimdarroch, Strathlachlan, Cairndow, Argyll & Bute, Scotland, PA27 8DB